Kutcha Edwards is on the road again from the 19th May bringing truth-telling into our own backyards via his new music theatre creation

Circling Time – Songs & Stories

Circling Time is a magnificent, life-affirming triumph, and Kutcha is quite possibly the finest contemporary singer of his generation.”

— Rhythms Magazine

..it was the giant Kutcha Edwards who had the audience by the throat. I don’t think I’ve seen a more soulful performance in my life..”

— Jason Blake, The Herald Sun

Kutcha’s show draws its essence from the songs on his latest album Circling Time. The album is superb, receiving rave reviews including, Triple R’s Album of the Week and in Rhythms Magazine: “Circling Time is a magnificent, life-affirming triumph, and Kutcha is quite possibly the finest contemporary singer of his generation.” The new album is profound and a timely reminder of the incredible depth and talent of one of the most inspiring voices within the country. 

‘’In telling my story, I believe I’m telling my family’s story. Within the structure of family there are members whose role it is to protect Country. For others it’s to protect the memories such as photos. I believe I have been given the responsibility to protect my family’s Songline,’’ said Kutcha. 

Kutcha weaves his Songline into the very fabric of our souls … an experience for all time and all generations. Both show and album speak of the still present truth of Australia’s past, of families ripped apart and long journeys searching, not always finding. 

The show is deeply moving. Hearing of Kutcha's personal journey, sharing his path towards healing, brings us face to face with an iconic storyteller and sublime vocalist, whose journey to this place challenges norms many take for granted, and whose Songline channels ancestral wisdom written into these great southern skies. 

‘’Justice, heritage, forgiveness – all are words that resonate with me deeply. It’s my role to give songs meaning so that they can continue to connect my family and all my clans to Country. This album is filled with spirit. It’s this spirit that I need to share and pass on so we can begin to heal and understand what our ancestors have passed on to us… the true meaning of ‘Circling Time’,’’ said Kutcha. 

Circling Time – Songs and Stories is both a celebration of the deeply thoughtful music channelled from the resilience of this big-hearted Mutti Mutti man as well as a sombre reminder of damage done that has not dissipated and still resonates in the lives of Aboriginal people today. 

Kutcha’s gift of sharing his songs and stories both heals and creates connections between peoples. Come sing up Country with Kutcha, bring open hearts and mindful souls, and from the words in Kutcha’s song ‘We Sing’, help the healing that will build a future with more “love, justice, freedom and peace.’’

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